You are a powerful creative force

powerful creative force

You are a powerful creative force, waking up every day,  committed to accomplishing your best in leadership, life and love. You get up every day, driven by a strong passion and desire to achieve your dreams and goals and to create success across all areas of your life. You want the most optimal results you can…

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Leadership in Military

The instant I started SHOWING UP AVAILABLE, I immediately began to feel better and do better.  I took 100% responsibility for diving into changing my thoughts, feelings, words and actions to align more fully with what I wanted and with who I wanted to be.  I shifted my values, beliefs, and perspectives in major ways…

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Welcome To The Club

I have my own story of learning, falling and getting back up again.  I often struggled as a father, leader, partner, and friend.  I had my share of wins, but not many of the ones I really wanted.  Oftentimes my results were very limited and less than desirable.  At one point, my own world was…

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Lessons From The Sea

Does going to the beach or being on the sea inspire you?  Who hasn’t looked out over the vastness of the sea and become contemplative about life, love, and relationships?  You may have even whispered a prayer or question from your heart to the sea.  What if the sea responded and answered?  What would it…

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Are You Feeling Stuck? – A Certified Life Coach Can Help

Certified Life Coach

Or do you simply want to expand and grow your passion and commitment for living the life you’ve always wanted? As a Certified Life Coach and Business Coach, I am driven to transform YOU and provide real tools that will empower and help you SHOW UP AVAILABLE for creating success in every area of your…

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On a date, its all about class, people.  Ron Burgundy was not fooling around when he exhorted his San Diego fans to “Stay classy.”  What is class?  What does it mean to be “classy?”  Here are some synonyms for “classy:”   elegant, fine, graceful, refined, stately, tasteful.   I like the term “elegant” when it…

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Some Things to Consider about Love

Are you in a relationship or looking for one?  Here are some important things to consider.  Everyone is in their own place on all of these issues.  It’s never too late to take another look at where you and your partner are in regards to these and to set a new mark of where you want to be…

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Usually I am a very optimistic, happy man.  Not much really gets me down or agitated.  And I think that’s a good thing.  Lately, however, recent world events have me thinking a lot about human relations and the impact of these events on us and how we interact with one another. Politics, violence, social issues….the…

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In our search for love, many things can conspire to sabotage our efforts and hold us back from even trying in the first place.  Rarely is anything more powerful at holding us back than “the one thing” we choose to focus on.  None one of these one things is relevant to our next relationship and they aren’t…

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